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10 Ways RFID Can Be Applied To Your Holiday Event

Are your halls decked and the bells jingled? Dot your i’s and cross your t’s with useful RFID applications for the multiple legs that are your snowflake of an event. ‘Tis the season to engage your attendees like you never have before. Don’t know where to start? Does the term “RFID Technology” have you sitting there like a Rudolph in headlights? Grab some ‘nog; we’ll take the reigns from here.

What is RFID Technology?

In a chestnut shell, radio frequency identification (RFID) provides wireless tracking using radio waves to identify and track tags. It is essentially compromised of two parts: Tags and Readers. RFID technology has blown up in the festival and event world, and for good reason. The ability to track attendees and collect data is to festival owners what hot chocolate and cookies are to Santa — priceless. Eliminating paper waste and streamlining event attendance to create a seamless event experience is akin to a gingerbread man obtaining his first gumdrop button. Add on interactive social media experiences and a pour of mulled wine or spiced cider with the swipe of an RFID wristband, and it’s Christmas morning long after your event’s ended.

  1. RFID Parking Passes
    Applying an RFID sticker to your custom parking permit hangtags is the first step to ensuring the safety of your attendees, Santa, and his elves. With proper management of your custom parking permits, you’ll be able to tell who’s staying nice and who’s decided to be naughty by parking in Santa’s spot. As important as it is to keep track of your attendees, we think it’s even more important to know who Santa’s going to make leave with a trunk-full of coal.
  1. Easy Entry
    RFID Wristbands are the easiest way to keep the grinches at the gate. RFID bands will allow you to streamline your attendees’ entry while enhancing security. No one’s presents are getting stolen on your watch!
  1. Social Media Integration
    Obtain easier “shout outs” on your attendees’ social accounts with the simple swipe of their cloth wristband. Installing fun interactive photo ops at the north pole is sure to make your guests’ inner 5-year-olds as giddy as Elf is while eating spaghetti with syrup, all the while giving you a big thumbs up on the ‘gram.
  1. Swipe & Drink
    An up and coming application that Scrooge would even approve of — a drink at the swipe of an RFID card or wristband. Rising in popularity among tap houses, the use of RFID tags is a great way to encourage cashless transactions and also moderate your guests’ consumption (no one wants to become a ghost of Christmas’ Past).
  1. Cashless Payments
    RFID technology gives your guests the opportunity to save their payment information ahead of time so when the time comes, a simple scan of their RFID band or card will have them and their food on their way with time to spare to rock around the Christmas Tree.
  1. Loyalty
    Santa shouldn’t be the only one with a following. Keep your attendees engaged with your event or brand by offering a loyalty or points program. Make it a one-night thing by entering them in a raffle with each purchase made or social post posted, or keep them coming back over the course of the season with an even better incentive. Loyalty programs are to attendees as carrots are to reindeer — they’ve just gotta keep coming back for more.
  1. Data Tracking
    Knowing how many guests are in attendance and what they’ve interacted with is key to pulling off another successful event in the future. You’ve got your analytics — now make sure you check ‘em twice.
  1. Access to Various Activities
    Event entry isn’t the only thing that RFID wristbands can allow. Because they’re essentially an electronic ticket, your attendees can be allowed access to, or be restricted from, various activities depending on their access level. What better way to keep those Miser Brothers from quarrelling? 
  1. Fraud Detection
    On top of cashless payments essentially removing the worries of the trickster elf on the shelf stealing away with your wallet, RFID technology is extremely hard to replicate.
  1. Guest Safety
    Attendees can input their emergency contacts and any medical conditions they may have onto their RFID wristband, which, in case of emergency, staff can access with the tap of their finger. Keep yourselves on the nice list by ensuring the ultimate safety of your guests.
Twas the event with RFID
and all through the crowds
all the people were thriving,
and the organizers were wow’d;
The RFID bracelets
provided safety and care,
in hopes that the event
would be a great affaire.