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8 Tips for Creating Standout, Irreplicable Event Laminates

  1. Unique Artwork
    • It goes without saying that unique artwork always has its way of standing out. Embrace your creativity and create a design that is sure to make your brand and event pop so that your event badges will stand out — and be difficult to replicate.Event Laminates with Unique Art
  2. Take advantage of different sizes and shapes
    • Shapes will throw counterfeiters for a loop while also aweing your guests. Go with a basic shape, like a hexagon or triangle, or up the ante with your own custom shape!All Access Passes in cool shapes
  3. Crystal Clear Lams
    • Printed in a unique way that allows part of your design to be see through not only looks incredible and well-thought out but is extremely difficult to replicate. Throw some holographic elements on there and you have a completely one-of-a-kind pass that only your attendees will be sporting.
  4. Add Holo or Foil Effects
    • Adding holographic or foil elements adds an extra level of authenticity — just what you need to ensure only the right people are allowed through your gates.Holographic Concert Badges
  5. RFID
    • Get tech-y with it and add-on RFID to your passes. Not only will the scan-upon-entry separate the real from the fakes, but you’ll also have the option to allow your guests cashless payments as well as collect data.Scannable Event Badges with RFID
  6. Add Perforated Tabs
    • Tabbed lams don’t get enough credit. Not only are they more unique than traditional event badges, but keeping any vouchers your guests will need directly on their badge is pretty handy.Festival Laminates with Tear off Tabs
  7. Variable Data
    • Keeping tabs on your guests is simplified when your passes have unique numbering, names, titles… you get the idea.
  8. UV Ink
    • An undeniably cool and effective application for staying a step ahead of counterfeiters. Pass with UV ink works with blacklight

Hopefully these tips weren’t too overwhelming. Have an idea of what you want, but no idea of how to execute it? We have a talented team of designers ready to bring your ideas to life for whatever occasion you’re creating memories for. Give us a call today at 949.716.5852 and let’s get designing!