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A Dash of Purple

We all know someone directly or indirectly that has been burdened with Alzheimer’s Disease. It’s a devastating ordeal for both the person receiving the diagnosis, as well as their loved ones. While there is currently no known cure for this neuron damaging disease, awareness has spread widely over the past few decades. White it began a slow spread in the 1980’s following the diagnosis and eventual death of actress and dancer Rita Hayworth, the Alzheimer’s Association incorporated in 1980 and greatly increased awareness for the disease as well as contributed to a push in public and private funding. With sub-chapters nationwide, they were able to launch their own research programs. While a cure is still yet to be discovered, research continues, and hope remains high.


According to the Alzheimer’s Association, there are 10 warning signs & symptoms, illustrated below:


An illustrated portrayal of 10 early signs and symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease 


Walk about it! With purple as the leading color in raising awareness for Alzheimer’s, thousands of people join the Walk to End Alzheimer’s each year, donning their purple race bibs and wristbands. This walk takes place in more than 600 communities nationwide. Walk in the Park 2022 is another fundraising community that enables people to walk and contribute throughout the country. With November as National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, a simple google search within any community should pull up a chapter or group that’s preparing for an awareness stroll.


Symbolism and color have long been essential tools in building awareness for certain causes. In this spirit of symbolism, you have a vibrant way to show off the cause your marathon or walk is spreading awareness for. Get your attendees suited up in various shades of purple on their racing bibs, RFID wristbands, and even custom cloth wristbands that they can hold onto long after the event as a keepsake for their accomplishment and a reminder of what they took a stand, or rather, a walk for.

While a grim disease to spread awareness to, you can give your participants a sense of unity and singularity through the use of custom race bibs & cloth wristbands. Everyone may show up and leave separately, but for the duration of their stroll, purple binds them together and the world will be a few steps closer to finding a cure.


Don your purple for other health observances in November, including:

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  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Pancreatic Cancer
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