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Office Moving Tips

So, you’re a small business that’s not so small anymore. Your employees are having to share offices in supply closets or inventory rooms. The wait for the single bathroom becomes long enough that your staff may as well clock out for the day. And to top it all off, there’s now a ruthless parking lot feud between you and your next-door neighbors. 

Looks like it’s time to move.

Upending the entire business is a difficult one to wrap one’s head around. Where do you start? And will you ever finally end up in the new digs once and for all? Or has the decision to move trapped you in an endless limbo with no hope in sight?

We’ve been there and done that THREE TIMES in the past four years (we’ve got quite the story… big thanks to 2020), and in the spirit of encouragement for our fellow small-and-growing B2B friends, we’re excited to drop some knowledge nuggets for ya.


#1. Secure the building!

You can’t really go anywhere if you have uhm… nowhere to go. Set yourself up with a space that you can really see yourself growing — and doing cartwheels — in.


#2. Team work makes the dream work

Designate ‘moving teams’ among your employees. Tech guys Tony & Tim can oversee the uninstall and reinstall of the computers and tech equipment. Wannabe Marie Kondo & Team can pack up and unpack whatever storage or supply rooms you have. If it works out better to designate teams based on sections of your current space, then do that instead. The key is to delegate duties properly, and stay as organized as you possibly can at this stage.


#3. Does it bring you joy?

A clean move truly isn’t possible without a down and dirty purge. The nespresso machine that no one wants to buy the pods for? Sell it or give it away. The 3 boxes of random cords that have been collecting dust in the barely occupied cubby above that one surprisingly empty storage rack that no one can get to because of all the old office chairs in the way? Toss them. And those chairs too, while you’re at it. Your new digs are your clean slate… don’t ruin that for yourself on day 1.


#4 Call in the Professionals

Sure, you’re a professional at what YOU do, but are you fully equipped to move your equipment? Leave the (literal) heavy-lifting to the big guys and call an experienced moving team.


#5 Wiggle room

You know how it’s comforting to be snug as a rug with little room to move? Time to step out of your comfort zone! Make sure your room and office setups give you and your company plenty of room to continue growing in. That’s kinda the whole point of moving, isn’t it?


#6 Cut. It. Out.

We all wish we could be in 2 or 5 places at once, but it’s just not possible. Make sure to schedule ample “down days” and let your customers or clients know plenty of time in advance.


#7 Do the damn thing!

You made it out of the old and into the new. Now it’s time to grow! Post that job listing, get yourself ramped up, try new strategies you haven’t tried before, and flourish. There's no time like the present! 


#8 Have a drink

Whether it be a cool La Croix or a craft beer from the local brewery that’s now right down the street, give yourself a moment to sit down and decompress to get your head in the game for what will undoubtedly be your best chapter yet.