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Start 2023 off with a bang with your most successful event yet

It’s that time of year where you find yourself scrambling to get a tree, wrap the presents (if you’ve made it that far), send the cards, and check off the remaining items on your 2022 checklist (if you’re that organized). Your head’s probably spinning, but don’t forget to set your 2023 goals and resolutions — the most important of all being the best event you’ve pulled off yet. 2022 showed us how ready we all are to get back on the floors, in front of the stages, and hash-tagging our concert get-ups. If 2022 was any indicator, 2023 is looking to be a year heavy in event attendance. As exciting as this is, events don’t just pop up on their own. They require lots of moving parts from start to finish — and more than likely some sleepless nights on your end. It doesn’t have to be as painful a process as it sounds, though. With a little planning, you can wrangle all the cogs and whistles AND get that elf on it’s shelf just in time to finish this year with a bang, and enter 2023 like the stress-free, organized, all-your-ducks-in-a-row professional event-wrangler you are.

Grab a notebook, it’s time to start planning!

Goals — How will you know what to pull off if you have nothing to orient it around? What are your goals for your event? What do you wish to achieve? Are you looking to frame all the happenings around education, or are you setting the stage for glow sticks and memories? Being clear on your intentions for your event will ensure a smooth, event-planning experience, and an event to remember

Budget — Didn’t think you achieve #1 event status with an empty wallet, did ya? Keep in mind you’ll need to allot certain percentages of your grand total to security & staff, marketing, transportation, printed materials, and event credentials.

Ticket Pricing — You’re in it to win it, but also to keep a roof over your head. Give yourself a rough estimate of how many attendees you’re anticipating, and decide what they’ll need to pay to get through your gates (and contribute to your paycheck). 

Event Registration Software — We doubt you’ll want to be thumbing through tons of mail to organize your attendees… so make sure you invest in some solid event registration software to ensure crowd management and organization is a breeze when your gates open. This will also help you get a firm idea of how many event badges, fabric wristbands, lanyards and other event credentials you’ll need.

Event Tech — Invest in some useful event planning and analytics software so you can better streamline your success. Better yet, incorporate RFID technology so you can gather real-time data on your guests to help you pull off an even more successful event in the future. If you decide that RFID will be beneficial for you and for keeping your audience engaged, keep in mind that you’ll need to acquire RFID scanners to work with whatever credentials you apply RFID tags or stickers to.

Branding — Strong branding is key in building the hype for your event and creating a loyal following. Decide what you want to convey to your attendees, and then be aware that your website, deliverables, and your event itself should all tie together in a cohesive manner. Good branding will directly affect your marketing — which will be key to drawing in an audience for your big bash.

Website — Until your attendees are experiencing your event in person, your website will be the mecca for everything related to your event. Your slice of the web will be your hub for communicating with your attendees and hyping them up. Throw up some FAQs, the event schedule, and some sizzle reels from your last event and let your website be your spotlight leading up to your event.

Marketing & Social Media — You’ve got everything planned out… now it’s time to market yourself and draw in your attendees. Make sure all your marketing materials are consistent and in-line with your branding and website. Be present on social media, and create a clever hashtag for yourself. Stay on top of some “last chance” promos and watch your registrations go through the roof. Also, don’t forget to send timely emails to your registrants to keep your event on their minds. #winning

Think the hard part’s over? Guess again. It’s time to provide your guests with an experience they’ll never forget.

Manage Crowd Control — Through the use of RFID wristbands and credentials, you can make gate entry and scanning a seamless and safe experience for your attendees and staff.

Event Content — No doubt you’ve picked the perfect speakers, artists, and vendors for your guests, but have you taken it a step further by ensuring everyone has their designation in full view? Event badges and credentials are the perfect way to make sure people are where they should be… and not where they don’t belong.

Swag — Along with those must-have event credentials and cloth wristbands, you’ll probably also want to throw in some sort of merch or swag item to really get — and keep — your attendees excited for the big event. Throw all the merch and credentials in a festival wristband box and have your future attendees feeling like it’s Christmas morning when they go through their mail.

Events come down to one thing: connection. Carefully planning and creating a unique experience for your brand’s event is the best way to bring people together and foster memories that are sure to last forever — with you in the very center of them.