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The Power of the Pour

It’s Saturday night and your once bustling bar & tap room mirror the beginning scene of an old western movie. You swear you see a tumbleweed float into an area that was once congested with tapping feet and the occasionally dropped I.D. However, instead of that lone western whistle that typically joins its tumbleweed counterpart, you hear the dull drone of chattering and music seeping through the walls from your new next-door neighbor. What do they have that you don’t?

Alcohol, instant gratification, and a whole lot of millennials. Oh, and Brad, your bartender of 5 years who just handed you his 2 weeks’ notice and is now sweet talking your neighbor into letting him work for them instead. He saw the convenience and crowds that the new neighbor’s self-pour wall brought in, and he wanted in.

Companies like PourMyBeer, iPourIt, and Pourtek are just a few among the many behind the growing trend of Self-Pour Walls.

In a world where the ‘amazon effect’ has a chokehold on society and guest experience is more important than ever, this new concept is rooting itself into more and more establishments — and for good reason. With the cost of labor and rent rising all around the country, the appeal of “pour-your-own” is rising right along with it. With this “do-it-yourself” model, labor costs can be cut down while simultaneously helping save guests time by eliminating the common crowds around a bar, which in turn enhances the volume of sales. With endless options of beer waiting to be poured by thirsty patrons themselves, bartenders are given the luxury of time to maintain a positive guest experience through their art of crafting cocktails, among other things.

The technology behind it is simple. A single swipe of an RFID wristband or key card provides the patron with their drink, while the owner is provided with valuable demographics and information that then allows them to continue offering the best experience they can for their guests. A Win-Win!

The convenience of self-pour walls doesn’t stop at alcohol. Many store owners are recognizing the unique solutions that are offered by giving the patron the power of pouring and are embracing the concept with Cold Brew Coffee as well as Kombucha.

Self-Pour Walls are yet another portrayal of how RFID technology can revolutionize any industry it’s implicated in through a simple swipe or tap. Quenching thirst has never been easier — it’s now just a tap & sip away.