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The Prominence of Posters

It’s 1999 and Brittany Spears is in the back of a pick-up truck, donning sketchers and smiling like she won’t have a mental breakdown in 8 years. You pin the last corner down on your new poster and run to show your parents the newest addition to your bedroom wall. Entering your room, your dad steps on one of the butterfly clips buried in your ~retro~ shag carpet and winces in pain. Life is good.

Nostalgia is a powerful thing. It taps into long buried roots of comfort and interest, engaging one or more of the five senses to trigger emotions and memories. Whether you spent your evenings staring at Brittany, Dylan, Cindy Crawford or David Bowie, it may be safe to say that we all have a poster in mind when we think of the rooms we grew up in.

A quick glance at posters throughout history will portray their role in various art movements, as well as in advertising and design. Established as fine art in the late 1800’s, the initial poster craze contributed to the birth of the intricate and organic art movement known as Art Nouveau, with the contrasting geometric and symmetric style of Art Deco on its heels. A modern, flat-colored “Poster Style,” originated in 1905 by Lucian Bernhard and Ludwig Hohlwein adds to this congo line of art, offering a platform for a variety of styles produced by different nationalities.

As various countries embraced posters in their own unique art forms, they were soon adapted to serve as nation-specific styled propaganda and morale boosters, particularly during World War I and World War II.

Prominent throughout history and our own personal memories, posters have grown to be infinite staples of influence, information, and entertainment — making them a fairly necessary component for small and large businesses.

With fast & effective poster solutions for your business’s urgent needs, we’re excited to help you captivate your audience with high quality printed posters and an array of options to go with them. Boost your marketing strategy and reel in your audience with isolated holographic elements. Sell your employees on the new break room rules with rich and vibrant large format graphics. Create glowing memories with blacklight printed artwork perfect for merch. 

Though posters have been around the block and back, we’ve only just dabbled in the true art of printing them. Until now.

The sky’s the limit and we’re just getting started.