New Products


rfid cloth wristbands

The same RFID technology that we offer for wristbands now comes in a new style! Introducing AIR BANDS – the new seamless way to integrate RFID technology without the bulky tag. With the UID Number etched onto the back of the wristbands, these bands are our more comfortable and most secure product yet. Contact our sales representative for pricing and information.


see through custom laminate badges

We now offer see-through “Crystal Laminates.” Take your design a step further with this eye-catching feature. Printed on transparent plastic, we utilize white ink printing technology to ensure that your graphics stand out. These are difficult to reproduce, deterring counterfeiters, all while creating a unique, keepsake item!


Full Color Paper Wristbands

Why not take your Tyvek wristbands to the next level? We have developed a new, tamper-resistant, tear-proof, waterproof Tyvek style wristband that we can print in full color! We listened to your requests for the ability to print full-color, limitless graphics on a wristband that is affordable and quick to produce.


Holographic Event Badges with white ink

With many Holographic “Ice” patterns available, we understood that the traditional way of printing these had its limitations. White graphics would appear with the holographic effect – which can be great, but also hard to read. We have developed a way to print with white ink, so that you can enjoy the benefits of our holographic stock without interfering with the intended design.

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