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When security’s #1, RFID technology is the only option. Specifically designed to reduce risk through heightened security measures, optimized solutions, and contactless payment technology, RFID enhanced credentials are becoming an industry standard for a reason. Increase flow, sales, speed, sustainability, and transparency all while tracking variable data to know exactly what’s happening at your event as it happens.


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Keep ‘em moving and keep the flow flowing by implementing RFID technology at your event. We all know one of the biggest downers at any event is a mob of long lines that either keep you from the event or keep you from purchasing because you just don’t want to wait. With RFID technology, entry is just a wave of your wrist (or laminate) and moving on with it. Same goes for purchases. Make transactions cashless and quick, sending payouts directly to your bank account with clear and accurate reporting for seamless settlements and easy bookkeeping. Plus, with cashless transactions and touchless entry, you, your staff, your office building, and your guests are safer and cleaner than ever.


- Fast - Process transactions quicker, reducing wait times and bottlenecks.
- Hygienic - Less interaction = less transmission. Keep staff and guests safe.
- Sustainable - No receipts, no waste. Keep it eco-friendly.
- Transparent- Vendor sales, product performance and data reporting are all in real time so you can track food, beverage and merch IRL.
- Secure - No fraud here. Counterfeit credentials aren’t even possible.


Don’t worry, you’ll get the lingo quick. “RFID” stands for “Radio Frequency Identification” and RFID chips use, you guessed it, radio waves to transmit information between two or more devices. This is cool because it means customers can scan their RFID enabled product with your ticketing reader for seamless, smooth, and faster entry.

Not only is it secure, it’s become the industry standard it’s so good. Security features include: 

Fraud Elimination: Traditional print-at-home tickets can be duplicated, sold, and/or scalped. RFID credentials, on the other hand, have unique identification chips that make them impossible to duplicate. 

Lost Bands: Since you don’t have to worry about counterfeit tickets anymore, you can now securely duplicate credentials if someone loses their pass. How? Simply deactivate the lost RFID enabled product and activate a new one using their original identification tag. 

Cashless Payments: No cash, no credit card, just a wristband (or whatever credential you’re using). With secure RFID technology, guests simply add their payment information to their RFID tag before the event and scan or tap for transactions. Great for events, COVID safety, and anyone who doesn’t like dealing with losing their wallet.

Call one of our sales reps and they’ll take it from there. Whether for events, concerts, festivals, or something else, the process looks like:

Call us at 888.521.5045 or use our online contact form.

Next, we’ll figure out all the important details, like: your RFID product needs, the date of your event, quantity, designations, and scanning software. 

If you want to submit your own artwork, we’ll talk through what templates you need to download and submit. 

Once you submit your artwork, we’ll send you a digital proof so you can approve everything. 

Once you approve your proof, production starts immediately and, after we receive payment, they’ll be shipped.

Unfortunately, no. However, we have a number of RFID solutions partners we recommend, including: 


Front Gate

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Make sure to plan on about 3-4 weeks from start to finish, depending on the size of your order. Standard turnaround time for a large-scale event is 30-45 business days after your proof is approved.

Honestly, we have a wide selection of RFID chips and it’s easiest to speak to a sales rep to get the lowdown on what’s best for you and your event.

Making a list seems excessive, but here we are: 




Special Events

Trade Shows





Sporting Events