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Tips for Choosing the Right Event Credentials & Features


It’s similar to a wristband, but with the added option of a durable tag that can be printed with a logo, custom design, barcode, numbering, or QR code. We’ve seen PVC tags used as another space for showing off your design, or as an easy way to track tickets, access, and even as a replacement for printed tickets. Available for both woven cloth wristbands and full color dyesub wristbands.



Variable data is the way to go if you want to really know what’s happening at your event so you can make the sort of decisions that make a difference. It’s a term thrown around a lot, but variable data is a catchall term for gathering all sorts of info that might be useful for you. It allows you to personalize your credentials, making them more secure and more useful. We can print your credentials with individualized names, titles, headshots, and barcodes as a means to prevent fraud and control access at your event. Types of variable data you might want to consider include:

Numbering – Use numbered tickets and credentials with numbers generated at random or sequential, linking each ticket back to a database when scanned or used. Great for tracking individualized patterns, usage and movement.

Barcodes/QR Codes – Barcodes and QR codes are quite similar and are both an easy and familiar way to track and transmit data. We see them used at trade shows a lot because it makes it easy for attendees to quickly visit your website or get your contact details with a simple scan from their smartphone. QR codes can link to just about anything so the options really are nearly endless.

ID Solutions – Print personalized ID credentials with names, photos, titles, company names, and any other designation you need. You provide the data and photos and we take care of the rest.



Keep track with wristbands that have had numbers laser etched into the cloth. Available for woven cloth wristbands and full color dyesub wristbands only.



Everyone counts. Stamp an allotted number batch onto your wristbands to ensure only authentic credentials are coming through and you know exactly how many wristbands are in circulation.



Another chance to show off and extra security? Sounds like an easy choice. Here’s a short-hand guide to all our specialty thread choices:

UV Thread – These make your wristbands glow and change color under black light. We first dye the threads a fluorescent color so they look neon or white in normal light, but they brightly glow when exposed to UV light. Common for events that take place in dark environments and you need the details to stand out for you. 

Metallic Thread – These wristbands have silver, bronze and gold colored metallic threads woven throughout the cloth. Shiny enough to stand out, these threads are only available for woven cloth wristbands.

Neon Thread – These wristbands pop with threads dyed in vibrant neon and fluorescent colors.  Available in a variety of colors, they stand out under normal light and glow under black light. Only available for woven cloth wristbands.



It’s the classic question: To emboss or to deboss? The quick answer is to just make sure you do one or the other. A printing technique that either impresses or depresses an image onto/into paper, embossing and debossing add a level of care and consideration that make a difference. 

Embossing – This is when you raise a logo or image onto paper. It immediately makes your credential 3D and tangible to the touch. It works by first making a metal die with your design that’s then pushed into your paper from underneath, raising it up. 

Debossing – Similar but just the opposite, you first create a metal with the design and then press it into your paper from the front. 

Once you’ve embossed or debossed, you can leave your print as is or add a little extra with metallic ink, color, or another add on.



There’s no two ways about it, holographs are fun. Plus, they’re hard to replicate. In our experience, one of the easiest ways to effectively make your event credential more secure is by adding a holographic sticker before lamination. Tamper proof and durable, they don’t cost much but they add a lot.



Sneaky in a good way, our UV ink is more commonly thought of as what shows up under a black light. So when it’s printed, you won’t see anything, but when you hold it under a compact fluorescent UV light, it will glow a bright yellow. We suggest UV ink if you want to deter counterfeit credentials because it’s extremely hard to reproduce. If you aren’t sure what to print, we always recommend logos, a line of text, a barcode, QR code, numbering, or similar.



Metallic ink is flashy and fun. We use an HP Indigo Press to print an array of colors, with the possibility of making any color metallic. You can use metallic ink on badges, parking passes and satins, offering an extra level of security that’s economical and effective. It’s really a great option if you don’t want to use a foil stamp, but still want that uplevel of innovation and design.



It’s closest to paper, but it’s not paper at all. It’s actually a synthetic paper-like material that’s flexible, great for printing on, waterproof, and tear resistant. You’ve probably seen it as an ID badge or a entry wristband at an event because they’re so flexible and perfect for receiving dye-based ink jet printing and other options for offset and laser printing. We use teslin for our qlams so they last even longer, making them more durable and up for anything. We really like using teslin for our flush cut lams because since they’re laminated and then cut, there’s an area of paper exposed to the elements and you want to make sure it can stand up to whatever comes its way.



We’ve done our best to create a ridiculously broad selection of pre-designed, in-stock qlam shapes for you to choose from. Not only does an unexpected shape make your credential harder to copy, but it gives you an extra chance to have more fun. If you have a specific shape in mind that we don’t have available yet, just let us know and we’ll create it custom for you.



You might as well make it special, right? We have a huge selection of in-stock, pre-designed options for your satins and, while we love a good square, why not pick something a little different? Not only does an unexpected shape make it tougher for counterfeit credentials to get through, but it just makes it a little more fun. If you’ve got a shape in mind that we don’t have made up yet, let us know and we’ll create whatever custom shape you want.



You know what they say, shape matters. That’s why we have a huge selection of in-stock shapes for you to choose from. More options = more chances for secure passes that people remember. Even though we have a wide variety of pre-designed shapes for you to choose from, we can make your decal any shape you need. Maybe your mascot is a little devil, we can do that. A tree? We’re on it. If you can think it up, we can make it.



Who doesn’t love a good perforation? We do, especially when it comes to tickets and parking passes, because it helps maximize your credential. By numbering your perforated tickets, you can make sure everyone is accounted for, gather entries for raffles, or use tear offs for food and drink redemption. It’s a lo-fi solution that always works. Plus, credentials have a lot of space you can take advantage of, printing coupons, directions, branding, and the like, offering a little marketing plus some extra security. Who doesn’t want that?



These are where your credential clips to (or attaches to) your holder of choices. All our laminates come with a standard slot, designed to fit all our lanyard end fittings (aka no matter what you pick, it’ll fit). If you’d prefer a drilled hole on your laminate, we can do that, too. For paper credentials, our standard is a drilled hole because it works best with string or elastic attachments.



You won’t see this many places! White ink is our favorite for printing on clear vinyl peel-off decals, clear passes, and holographic stock. It gives your designs a chance to pop while also being incredibly difficult to reproduce.



Add a little flare with the extra bonus of security. Foil stamping is a shiny, metallic finish that gets stamped onto your pass, making it very difficult to reproduce. Our metallic finishes include: Gold, silver, red, blue, holographic gold, holographic silver, and more depending on the product.



This is the way to go if you’re laminating on-site and in real time at your event. Maybe you’re having attendees fill out their names, dates, etc. on a card and need to laminate after all that info is filled in. Or, maybe, you want to take a photo and laminate that with their pass. Whatever the case, cold lamination is the solution. By using a plastic film coated with adhesive and a glossy backing, we then remove the glossy backing, expose the adhesive, and press your pass. Easy, simple, quick, effective. 



Not all lamination is created equal and, depending on your need, it definitely matters. We offer three thicknesses—10 mil, 5 mil, and 1.7 mil—with the option of either a matte or glossy finish. Unless you request something different, our standard move is to laminate all passes with a 10 mil glossy finish because it’s the most durable, heat resistant and UV-proof.

10 mil – This is the industry standard and what you’re used to feeling when it comes to traditional credentials. Pros: Highly durable, lots of protection.

5 mil – Quite literally half the thickness, but still extremely durable. Pros: Protects from fading, scratching, water, and all the rest. 

1.7 mil – Our thinnest offering, this laminate isn’t the best for durability, but more if you’re just looking for a clean finish that prevents damage from water, tearing, ripping, scratching, and fading.



These are little perforations or “prefolds” we use for any item that needs to be folded±—think of greeting cards or booklets. We promise, it makes your life so much easier.



A simple solution that makes life a whole lot easier, our adhesive strips instantly make paper dashboard parking passes windshield passes. Why bother? By turning a dashboard pass into a windshield pass, it takes security up a notch because now you can’t easily transfer passes between cars. Plus, you can include more add-ons, like foil and larger passes.



Every little bit counts and, when you’re a big event, it adds up quick. We’re so happy to offer sustainable, eco-friendly, and consciously sourced products that help you lessen your environmental impact. Whether it’s because you have carbon footprint goals to reach or you just want to tread a little lighter, we make a wide variety of items to fit your needs and, if you need something we don’t make, we’re here to source it for you and figure it out together.



Security is everything at an event. Whether one day or multi, your guests want to know they’re safe and that you’ve done everything you can to make sure of it. That’s why we designed our tamper proof windshield decals to show a tamper evident pattern once removed. Durable, secure, safe, they can’t be passed back and forth between vehicles, making fraud almost impossible. 



Created to hit that point between form and function where you know your credentials not only look great, but make your event even more secure. Created with our signature holographic stock, these credentials are impossible to duplicate, making it easy to spot counterfeits from far away. 

In terms of design, each credential has a shiny, shimmering background that makes your design stand out in the best of ways. For standard laminates, qlams, tickets, and hanging parking passes, we have six holographic foil stock options for you to choose from.



Simply put, strings and grommets make our affordable paper credentials work. We offer two types of string: a stretchy, elastic option, or a non-stretch, poly-cotton blend. Either way, string makes it much easier to keep track of your pass. As for grommets, they make sure the hole where the string goes is securely reinforced. It’s worth the extra effort if you want to make sure your passes stay where they are and don’t rip off. 

Tying passes off is a tedious process; when you order, we finish your pass off by tying the string for you, saving hours of effort and plenty of fingers. We’ve found the most common length is 3.5” from knot to hole, but we can make them as long as 5.5”, if needed.



If you are ordering lapel pins and intend to use them as a merch item or want to give them and extra professional look you can add on a Printed Display card to showcase your pins on. This card is a great way to display your pin and also get your branding out along with your name and point of contact. Don’t miss an opportunity to spread your name.



Our lanyards have more options than just the way the are printed, the style of the lanyard can also be customized to your needs besides our standard lanyard choose from these other options.



If one is good, two is better, right? Our open-ended lanyards come two clips, one at each end of the lanyard. This is different from our standard lanyard in that those come together and are finished with one clip at the end. Open-ended lanyards are a great option for large credentials because they help keep your badge in one place, preventing it from flipping back and forth from front to back.



Designed with safety in mind, our breakaway lanyards feature a clip at the back of the neck, making them easy to attach or detach. This is a great option if you’re taking your credential on and off a lot, or if you have any worry about it getting pulled or caught on something.



Created with a buckle at the end of the lanyard so you can easily attach and detach the badge with minimal effort or damage to the credential.