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RFID. Faster, safer, easier.

Security is everything and making sure your event is safe is our top priority. Ensure your credentials are real with RFID scannable technology, making entry easy, quick, safe and certain.

Benefits of Access Control & Gate Entry Scanning

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By using RFID enhanced solutions, you’re making your attendee’s lives and your employees lives easier. Safe, secure, and trackable, RFID controls access, gathers data, and makes sure your event avoids bottlenecks, fraud, and more.

• Faster lines for entry to event

• Cut costs by reducing staff numbers

• Gain real time, zone specific attendance figures

• Eliminate fraud, counterfeit credentials, pass backs and touting

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RFID Airband Wristbands

Our most secure wristband, with the RFID chip embedded into the wristband with a stitched saddle,, these wristbands are tamper and counterfeit proof. Make it even safer with our anti-twist barrel lock.

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RFID PVC Tag Wristbands

PVC Tag Wristbands use RFID technology to control entry, access, and payments. Full customizable with edge to edge printing and cut to any shape, these wristbands give a nostalgic look with up to date technology.