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Workplace & Event Safety

Increase your workplace safety with our custom products. Keeping you safe and making sure your staff, customers, and guests feel safe takes a lot more than just face masks (though that’s a great place to start). We know PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is crucial for safety but it’s also a great opportunity for branding so your team can feel like a team and your guests know who can help. We’ve made sure this category has everything you need—from floor clings to static clings, reusable menus, face masks, signage, and more—so you can maintain a safe workspace, hold a safe event, or keep your business running and in-line with state mandated regulations. Available as in-stock, ready to ship today options, or fully customizable and wholesale options, too.

How do I hold my event safely?

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Get everything you need from event signage, credentials, parking passes, floor graphics, and cashless pay to hold an event with limited contact and maximum safety. You can also get custom gaiters to give your employees and guests or sell them as merch!

[note what PPE is - this is all stuff that allows your business to be open, whether it’s a restaurant, a venue, a business, a person that’s throwing a party, wedding, etc. and this is all the gear you’ll need to do it safely]

How can I reopen my business safely?

Need to have signage to get new info out? We got that. Need to have non slip floor stickers to keep people socially distanced? We got that. Need to provide masks for your employees? We got that. Need menus you can toss or wash? We got that.


When we’re talking about Workplace & Event Safety Products, we’re really talking about all the stuff you need to keep you, your customers, friends, and employees safe. It’s similar to PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), but more specifically tailored to businesses, events, conferences, and all the rest. If you aren’t sure what you need, browse our products and feel free to get in touch.

You know it! We have single-use (aka disposable) face masks, menus, signage, wristbands, credentials, and more. You can customize them or just order from our large batch of in-stock products.

As far as the safety products go, absolutely. The rest? That’s up to you. All our products meet safety standards and we have everything you need to make sure your guests know where to stand (floor graphics), where to go (signage), and have masks they actually want to wear.

Cashless RFID solutions! They’re as amazing as they sound and we have a solution for just about every need. With touchless solutions, customers no longer have to transfer cash, pass a credit card, or touch a screen. Now, they just have to hold their wrist or lam/card up to the reader and pay. Touchless, germless, quick, easy . 

  • Check out our cashless RFID wristbands 
  • Check out our cashless RFID laminates

Custom masks are not medical-grade. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends medical-grade FFP2 or N95 masks to prevent infection. Our masks are designed for daily civilian use as a way to protect others and reduce spread. Please note that face masks are non-returnable because they’re a personal hygiene product.

Without a doubt! We love our reusable options and think you will, too. From fabric masks to gaiters, reusable menus you can wipe down, and cashless solutions for your workplace, all our safety products are customizable or readily available as in-stock options that are ready to ship same day.

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