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PVC Hard Cards
PVC Hard Cards
PVC Hard Cards
PVC Hard Cards
PVC Hard Cards

Our PVC cards and name badges come with a variety of different options to help secure and successfully manage your conference, expo or place of work. Hard cards work great as ID badges to help staff and guests to easily identify each other, ensuring a safe and secure environment for any cooperation. They are also great for hotels with keyless entry, touchless payments and more.

No Minimum Order

Lead Time: Available within 10 business days

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*Custom shapes and dimensions available; Call for bulk

Material & Printing

30 MIL Thick PVC Card

Full Color Edge to Edge Printing

1 or 2 Sided


Lead Time: Available within 10 business days

Rush orders available — call for pricing.


  • CR-80 3.375x2.125


Additional Add-On Options

RFID Smart Card

Variable Data

Foil Stamping:

  • Silver
  • Gold


PVC Hard Cards

Starting at
Call for pricing

Minimum Order: No Minimum Order

Lead Time: Available Within 10 Business Days

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Think of it like a regular ID badge but personalized for every individual at your event. Designed to help you secure and manage your conference, expo, or workplace, personalized ID badges guests identify each other, enter and exit easily, and feel secure and confident. Available as a standard laminate, Qlam, hard card, or RFID smart card.

Variable data is trackable data you can gather about your event, making it possible to create better systems of flow, entry, service, and more for your guests. When we create your credential, we’re able to make it more personalized and secure by adding numbering, barcodes, names, titles, and headshots. 

  • Numbering: Use our software to create numbered tickets and credentials with numbers generated at random or sequential, linking directly to your database for maximum security. 
  • Barcodes/QR Codes: QR codes are similar to barcodes, but more widely accessible to the public as anyone with a smartphone can use them to access your website, landing page, etc. 
  • ID Solutions: Personalize your credentials with names, photos, titles, your company name, designations, etc. Simply fill the template with your details and we do the rest.

ID badges are a practical and useful means of security for workplaces, conventions, venues, hotels, and sports arenas. We’ve done our best to offer customizations that make it possible to get whatever type of badges you need all in one place.

We’ve done our best to make this really easy by offering a downloadable template on each product page. Download the template, work up your design to the specs provided, upload, order. We recommend using Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop. Of course, if you need any help with design, we have a team available to help.

We’re so happy you asked because, truth be told, we’re a little obsessed with ensuring your event is as safe as possible. That’s why we offer so many ways to customize your credentials, from lamination to shape, size, color, foil, design, and more. 

  • Perforation: One of the easiest ways to prevent a forged pass is with perforation. Easy to identify and expose any fakes. 
  • Custom Shapes: With 18 different shapes to choose from—including everything from a rectangle to a key—we can find the perfect shape and if we can’t, we’ll make a new one. 
  • UV & White Ink: We love being on the cutting edge and our state of the art press can print white ink on all your badges and passes. For added security, add a little UV invisible ink that can only be seen under a black light. 
  • Foil Stamping: Good looking and useful? That’s our favorite. Since credentials are keepsakes for attendees, it’s fun to make them special and give them something memorable. 
  • Crystal Laminates: Our latest innovation, crystal laminates use transparent film and white ink to make your image easily legible. Extremely difficult to duplicate, they’re high security and extremely good looking. 
  • Holographic Ice: Difficult to replicate and completely unique, we print your badge on our foil stock and it looks amazing. Great for tickets, lams and parking passes.

Absolutely and we’re really proud of them. You can choose from: 

  • Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Wristbands 
  • Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Paper Credentials 
  • RFID Cashless Payment Solutions 
  • Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Paper Parking Passes 
  • Sustainable Lanyards

We have in-stock options for every category and they’re all ready to ship today. Depending on your event and needs, we have: 

  • In-Stock Laminates 
  • In-Stock Holographic Laminates 
  • In-Stock Satins In-Stock 
  • Parking Passes

Honestly, we probably have every option you can imagine. In addition to affordable event passes, we have a number of innovative security credentials, including: 

  • Cloth Wristbands 
  • Plastic Wristbands 
  • Vinyl Wristbands 
  • Tyvek Paper Wristbands 
  • Lanyard Printing and Badge Holders
  • RFID Solutions 
  • Work Place and Event Safety 

Still note sure what you need? Contact our sales team and we’ll walk you through it, finding the best solution for your event. Call us at 888.521.6762 or use our online email form.