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Metal Badge Holder
Custom Motorsport Lanyard Idea for Motorsport Events
Custom stitched lanyard for sporting events

Product Description

Often found at motorsports events like F1, Moto GP, or Nascar, custom metal ID holder lanyards are a sleek and secure option for giving your badge holder a premium and one-of-a-kind look. They're not only ideal for motorsport events, though. Using a heavy duty badge holder is a sure way to keep any credential from falling off or getting lost, making us wonder why they aren't more common in other live event industries!

Material & Printing

Stainless Steel with option for woven cotton lanyard


Long Metal Badge holder: 56MM (width) X 22MM (length with slot holder) X 17MM (length of side) Metal Locker (Anti-slide locker): 19MM X 10MM Optional Woven lanyard: 17” attached and 34” unattached Optional PVC Credential: 2.125 X 5

Custom Motorsport Lanyard

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